Aduro 1-1

with Drawer – Black

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Aduro 1-1 is a modern convection wood burning stove that is characterised by its clean lines and timeless appearance. This Aduro 1-1 has an integrated pull out drawer which enhances the beauty of this stove. Aduro 1-1 round design and curved glass of this wood burning stove gives a good view of the flames from all corners of the room. Aduro 1-1 door is reinforced with curves and corner welding, and the bottom grate is made of cast iron. The primary and secondary air supply can easily be regulated and the built-in tertiary air supply ensures an optimal combustion. The combustion also creates a draft inside the combustion chamber, which keeps the glass free from soot, and gives you full insight to the flames. Aduro 1-1 is developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply). Aduro 1-1 is easy to fire and operate – thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic. Please note that this stove has a fixed baffle plate, so when installing, provisions must be made for sweeping through the connecting flue.


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