Asgard 1 – DEFRA


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DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Controlled Stove Areas Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones.The Asgard 1 stove is developed in co-operation with the Danish Technological institute. This gives this elegant wood burning stove the most effective combustion on the market. The effective combustion is also good for the environment, as it gives impressingly good results when it comes to solid particle pollution. The Asgard 1 has an especially low emission of particles – both when burning onhigh and low power. Asgard 1 combines form and function perfectly to an attractive price. It is extremely solid in construction and design. Asgard 1door is reinforced and the bottom of the combustion chamber has been provided with a cast iron grate. This combined with timeless and elegant design assures you a wood burning stove which will be an important part of your living room for years to come. As all other Aduro and Asgard stoves is also delivered with the unique Aduro glass cleaning system.


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