Loft Mesh Kit (125mm)



Loft Mesh Kit (125mm)The loft mesh kit is used to meet building regulations. Within the loft area the flue system must be boxed in or properly enclosed. This is in order to avoid combustible materials either being placed to close to or falling against the chimney. The system makes the installation very quick and safe, ensuring the required space around the flue. The system comprises of:- 4 x Mesh Panels measuring 900mm x 350mm. 8 x Panel Fixing Clips. 1 x bottom Joist Support Clamp. 1 x top support clamp. YOU CAN ALSO RETROFIT THIS ON AN EXISTING INSTALLATION. CONSTRUCTION The Mesh is made from 2mm galvanised steel. The supports are made from stainless steel.INSTALLATION Fix the special joist support around the flue making sure the grooves are pointing upward. Place 2 of the mesh panels into the groves. Now using the fixings (provided) bolt the other 2 panels together to form a square around the flue. Now slide the second joist support down the flue with the grooves point downward, until the mesh panels go into the grooves. Now tighten the special support.

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