Sigma (Outside Air)


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Widescreen Self-closing door DuplicAir® Dual Hearth Stove Sigma and Sigma Duplex are built-in inserts in an exquisite stylish design. Both models offer a fresh air intake option and heat transfer connections, and both inserts are equipped with DuplicAir®. The door has a self-lock feature and a long handle along the entire door height and comes in a modern widescreen design. Sigma Duplex provides an amazing coherence between rooms – or room dividers. The stove is built into the existing wall or bought with a soapstone wall (Sigma Titan), and your home is added a two-dimensional experience, where the fire becomes visible fr om two sides. Sigma is Defra/AEA certified.Steel colour: Black or grey Dimensions: H560 x B830 x D450 KW: 4 – 8 M²: 40-140 Weight: 140 kg Control: DuplicAir® Dimensions combustion chamber: H360 x B580 x D290


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